Frequently Asked Questions


A: Click on any of the orange buttons on the home page that say “GET BIDS NOW” or the link in the menu that says “REQUEST A BID”. Fill out the form, upload photos of your car, upload your insurance quote (if you have it), or complete the “Self-Estimate” information and then finish up by filling in your personal account information and your bid request will be automatically created and sent out to all of the PDR Pros in your area! You should start receiving bids within a few hours!
A: The more information you provide and the more accurate information you provide…the BETTER and MORE ACCURATE the bid will be. It is difficult to see damage from photos alone, so the other information you provide (“Self Estimate or Insurance Estimate”) is helpful to complete the necessary information required to make an accurate “Bid To Repair”.
A: As many as five. The first 5 PDR Pros in your serviceable area to reply will be available for you to review and pick a winner. If you do not receive any (or less than 5) bids it may be due to the lack of serviceable technicians currently available in your area.
A: No problem. Click on the link at the top of the page that says “MY BIDS”, find your bid (usually it’s your car year, make and model), and then click on EDIT. Enter the new details, change any existing ones and click UPDATE.
A: Just click on the green link that says “SELECT” under “My Bids” in your profile area. This will alert the PDR Pros that you have selected their bid.
A: Paintless Dent Repair Pros. Our Pros are available immediately IN YOUR AREA to fix your car. They may have a profile listing them from another state…but if they bid, they ARE IN YOUR AREA to fix the car in a timely manner. Many PDR Pros are in such demand, they travel the United States repairing hail damage for many large accounts.


A: Click on any of the links that say “PDR SIGNUP”. Fill in your company information, pay the membership fee and you are ready to bid on the projects in your state.
A: You select a state that you want to receive leads from. For example, let’s say you select the state of Oklahoma so now every bid request that comes in from Oklahoma, you are notified of and you can now bid on.
A: You can go to your profile page and click on Manage Subscriptions. Click on the link that says “Purchase Additional Subscription” and select the state you would like to purchase bid request leads. Once you are finished making the purchase you will be able to bid on the projects in that state also.
A: Whenever a new bid comes into the website that is in the state(s) in your membership, you will receive an email notification alerting you with the basic details of the project.
A: Once a client has selected you as the winner of their bid, you will need to make payment arrangements with the client. There are NO hidden costs or percentage dues…the deal is ALL yours.

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